IOP 460: Organizational Cultures, Discussion Response (1)

Respond to the peer below (Shante Biggs).

Minimum of 175 words.

Use 1 APA 7th edition citation

Further discussion on valuing diversity in an organization and its importance.


Shante Biggs

8:26 PM

OB (Organizational Behavior) is the study of human behavior in organizations. It is an academic discipline devoted to understanding individuals, teams, interpersonal process, and organizational dynamics. Organizational later emerged as a scholarly discipline devoted to scientific understanding of individuals and groups in organizations and of the performance implications of organizational processes, systems, and structures.

When it comes to the key characteristics or what OB as a scientific discipline is identified by, the ultimate goal is to improve performance of people, groups, and organizations, and to improve the quality of work life overall. Scientific methods are used in the field of OB to develop and empirically test generalizations about behavior in organizations.

I would say that It is always important to acknowledge diversity in the workplace. Having diversity within an organization can allow for much variety within the workplace. I think that having a diverse group of people can make for a great team. To value diversity in a workplace means that any culture is embraced and considered when it comes to any job that they are able to perform regardless of the diversity. This to me means that no one is turned away for a job that they are qualified to do just because they are different or have a different background or culture.