japan response

Please write one paragraph (no more than 100 words) in response to one of the following two questions by Saturday at 11:59PM California time. Then please respond to at least one classmate’s post (no more than 40 words in your response) by 12:00PM on Monday of the following week.
Question 1: Many of this week’s readings and lectures focus on ways that Japanese gender roles are imagined and/or depicted. Think about how the film that you watched depicts femininity or masculinity. How does that relate to, or differ from, the types of gender representation discussed in class materials? Include one short quotation from a reading and cite it. Citations do not count toward the total word count.
Question 2: One issue focused on this week is how transnational fans give new meanings to cultural products. Think of a cultural product from your own culture that you particularly like or dislike. What kind of impressions about your culture do you think it could give to consumers in other countries? (for example, I might choose the U.S. TV series Riverdale and think about its portrayal of American high school students as hypersexual and lawless). How might these problematic interpretations be avoided?