HR Management



Purpose: The purpose of this exercise is to provide you with experience in conducting a job analysis and writing a job description. The main components of a job description are (1) job title and organizational information, (2) position purpose (summary statement), (3) job duties, (4) working conditions, and (5) qualifications (job specifications). As noted in the text, job descriptions are important for many personnel decisions. To serve HR purposes most effectively, the job description must be current and accurate and it must be consistent with the goals and objectives of the organization.


Your assignment is to write a job description for a job of your choice using information from O*Net and the interview method. Ideally, you should choose a job which you hope to obtain after graduating.



Step 1: Watch this video:


Step 2: The following page provides space for you to record the questions generated in class. If you haven’t done so already, you also need to identify a person to interview. This should be someone who currently holds your chosen job (i.e., a job incumbent).


Step 3: You will then need to interview the job incumbent. Keep in mind that a job incumbent may unintentionally withhold important information or may enhance the importance of his/her duties. Thus, information from O*Net should be used to supplement your data. You may not find an exact job title match in O*Net, but you should be able to find something very similar (which is what we call a benchmark job). You might find it easier to do the interview if you FIRST look-up the job on O*Net. The information available in O*Net will provide you with some basic understanding and terminology for this job’s responsibilities.


Step 4: You should integrate the interview and O*Net information to create a single Job Description. The job description should be single-spaced, 12-point font, and follow the example TEMPLATE provided here. It should be no more than 1.5 pages. Use “action verbs” when describing the job duties.


Step 5: Finally, write a 2-page (Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced) reflection on the assignment answering the following questions:

· What did you learn from this assignment?

· Whom did you interview and why did you choose to interview them?

· How did the information from the interview compare to information on O*Net?

· What did you find the most challenging aspect of this assignment? The most rewarding?

· Any other thoughts.


This assignment is due September 18th.


Upload the Job Description and the 2-page reflection (i.e., Steps 3 and 4, respectively) as a single Word document

Questions for Job Analysis Interview


































Job Description



Job Title:_[fill in interviewee’s job title]_____________________

Benchmark job (O*Net): __[which job from O*Net are you benchmarking this person’s job]

Department:__[which department does this person’s job belong]____________________

Reporting to:_[their boss’s name]__ JOB TITLE OF SUPERVISOR:_[job title of their boss]__



Position Purpose: Summarize the essential job duties and purpose of this position in sentence format.

It should be no more than 3 sentences.





Job Duties:


· List primary job responsibilities; use action-oriented verbs, for example…

· Prepares and delivers weekly lectures on human resource management topics to students.

· Develops and grades assignments and exams to test student’s knowledge.

· Manages teaching assistants

· Conducts and publishes research in academic journals.





Working Conditions: List the typical working conditions, including any travel requirements (e.g., office environment, extensive hours sitting in front of computer, may be required to drive to off-campus teaching locations)






· List necessary qualifications (KSAs) for a person to perform this job, for example..

· PhD in human resource management or related work experience

· Oral and written communication skills

· Knowledge of teaching and learning principles