Lab Exercise: Energy And Heat

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Approximate time: 3 to 4 hours


Take the temperature readings on a sunny day of at least two pairings of materials (4 items total) such as: concrete versus black top and bare soil versus sand. There are an infinite number of possible pairings, such as a light color automobile hood vs to a dark color auto hood; a piece of steel versus a piece of aluminum or wood of the same size; temp inside an auto with all windows shut versus the temp outside of the auto; and others. Use your creativity for items to compare.
Allow sufficient time for the thermometer to record an accurate temperature for each item you chose.
Record the outside temperature for the day your do your testing and the following for each of the 4 items you test:
Type of material
Texture of material
Color of material
Length of time you allowed for the thermometer to take the readings
Are there differences in the temperature values? What causes the differences?