Leadership And Management

Guideline for Gap Assessment BSBPMG522 Part 1 Q1 Student needs to use one sentence to explain the use of each project management tool. The project management tools such as Gantt Chart, WBS and Risk Management Plan etc. Q2 Project WBS Project budget Q3 Use your response to the following question in the project plan



one sentences or two for each.


Part 2 In the part, student can use the response in the project plan to address the following requirements.

PROJECT REVIEW AND LEARNING Instructions to Students Once the Project has been finalised (in theory), students will be required to describe the project review and their learning from the project and the outcomes of the project in the area below: Students have 30 minutes to complete this section.

From the project, my findings in reviewing the project; the learning and the outcomes of the project have been: STUDENT CAN TALK ABOUT WHAT THEY HAVE ACHIEVED AND THE LESSONS THEY LEARNED ACCORDING TO THE FINAL REPORT.