Leadership Small Essay

1. Explain how you envision your degree in Leadership would bring a “value-add” component to the business, organization, and/or marketplace that this occupation operates in.

2. Consider what you would do to get an interview with a person currently employed in the occupation you are considering. Describe how you would carry out a “Design Interview” to further understand the nature of this occupation and to penetrate the hidden job market (i.e. how you would go about contacting the person, location of the interview, the purpose of the interview, 3 examples of questions you might ask, how would you penetrate the hidden job).

3. What three (3) action steps can you take within the next two months to find out more about this occupation, the education and experience it requires, and what is currently happening within this occupation in your city, province, or country?

Each paragraph will answer one question and you don’t need to rewrite the question.

Remember!!! Do not write as a question-answer. Write as an essay

2-2.5 Pages double space (not including title page and reference page) APA format