Leading Across Generations Paper

In the weeks prior, students were tasked with completing leadership theory assessments to assist in learning more about themselves and to provide greater insight for understanding each theory. Students are encouraged to continue down that path on their own this week and complete the assessments for Servant Leadership, Adaptive Leadership, and Followership. The more we understand about ourselves (self-reflection) the stronger the leader we can become.

For this week’s paper students will be tasked with applying leadership theories to different generations. Students will not be using first person or reflecting on their opinions. This is a research-based paper.

Select 2 generations in the workforce.

  • Using research to validate your information, briefly describe both generations. Include the birth years of each generation and a citation to validate the information. You will notice there are variations depending on the source.
  • Compare and contrast the generations you selected.
  • Briefly touch on possible challenges with leading different generations.
  • What leadership style from the Northouse text would be most effective to manage each generation? Briefly explain the leadership style and connect the generational characteristics to the leadership style. Support your connections with research.

Paper Requirements:

  • Be a minimum of three pages in length.
  • Your paper is required to be in APA 7th edition.
  • Include a title page
  • You do NOT need an abstract
  • Avoid trite sayings, slang, and contractions.
  • Include a reference page with a minimum of five references (the course textbook and four peer-reviewed journal articles)… If you list a source as a reference, you must include an in-text citation within your paper for that source.

Please refer to the rubric for the grading requirements. Your submission will go through turn-it-in. Your turnitin score should be 25% or less.