Leading Change In Student Support Programs

EDUC 6752: Leading Change in Student Support Programs


Week 2 Assignment

Reflect on the types of programs and services you discovered as part of your research last week. Which of those programs or services are currently available in your institution? Which ones are not? Consider what new programs or services you would like to see offered at your institution to enhance the student experience and facilitate success for all students. How might you use assessment data to analyze the feasibility of a proposed program?

Includes the following:

1. Identify one new program for your institution.

2. Describe how you can determine the current need that exists for the program.

3. Explain how you will monitor the progress of the program if it is adopted.

4. Describe how you plan to assess the success of the program once it has been fully implemented.

Assignment length: 3–4 pages


Week 3 Assignment


This week, you will perform a review of the literature on best practices and models for the type of program or service you chose for your proposal. Your review should include administrative practices, program components, and campus environmental factors that contribute to effectiveness in this type of program or service. Prepare a 3- to 4-page paper, summarizing your findings.


Assignment length: 3–4 pages