Leading Change In Student Support Programs

EDUC 6752: Leading Change in Student Support Programs

Part 1: Collect Background Information—Week 1

Before you design and develop your new student support program at your own institution, you will have the opportunity to analyze the programs offered by other institutions to facilitate student learning and development (e.g., new student orientation, first-year experience, academic advising services, tutoring services, learning communities, and capstone experiences). In Week 1 of this course, you will conduct research on three or four institutions and the types of programs they have available for students. You will complete an analysis of the programs to help you determine which type of program you might want to adopt at your own institution.

To help you prepare for the project, you will research and analyze the programs and services available at other institutions. You must research the programs of at least one public four-year institution, one private four-year institution, and one community college. Research the programs and services the institutions have in place for student support that are managed by academic affairs, student affairs, or both. Describe the programs or services, method of delivery, and target population.