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EDUC 2130 Assignment: Learning Theory Paper Instructions & Rubric


The purpose of this assignment is to develop your critical thinking skills, as well as your ability to read critically and analyze educational theories. Critical thinking provides students and teachers with the skills they need to solve problems. Therefore, the ability to think critically is a skill you will use in your major coursework, as well as during your professional life.


You will write a research paper, in APA-7 writing style, in which you will investigate the beliefs of a psychology of education theorist. A list of theorists is provided on your syllabus. You will make your selection online; no two students may select the same person so that a multitude of theories can be covered in the class. In your paper you will follow the structure below to include all relevant points regarding your theorist and the theory that person created or espoused (preached but did not necessarily create).

Parts of the Paper

Your paper will include the following sections:

Introduction. This section of your paper will contain an introduction of your theorist and that person’s beliefs about teaching and learning. It should capture the reader’s interest with a compelling statement on the value of the information to come. In other words, why does this matter? Provide a brief summary of your theorist and theory.

Context. This section discusses the theory in the context of that time and place. Were these beliefs the norm or were they unusual? Were they readily accepted or considered to be radical? Compare and contrast with other beliefs of that era and with modern theory.

Analysis. This section is your analysis of the theory and its impact on education today. Based on your reading and thinking about this theorist and theory, explain how you believe they have impacted education. This section should provide a thoughtful presentation of your opinions based on the research you have conducted (i.e., you should not merely state that you agree with an author), and provide facts and evidence (specific examples) to support your position.

Conclusion. In this section, summarize the main points of your paper by referring back to your introduction in order to reiterate the concepts you opened with. Your conclusion should capture the reader’s interest by providing possible solutions or actions that need to be taken.

References. Provide a reference list, which includes all of the research materials you cited throughout your paper.


In a separate assignment, you will 1) formally present the findings of your research in an individual presentation to the class and 2) participate in a group skit.

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EDUC 2130 Learning Theory Paper Rubric

Top of Form

2 1 0 Score
Introduction & Conclusion Introduction to the topic is clear and is reiterated in the conclusion of the paper Introduction and conclusion are present and some connection is apparent Introduction is not clear or is not reiterated in the conclusion of the paper
Context Theory is considered in terms of its time and place. Compelling comparison to other beliefs Theory is somewhat discussed in its time and place. Some comparison to other beliefs Theory’s status during its time is not clear. Little or no comparison to other beliefs.  
Analysis A thoughtful presentation of your opinion, based on research, is provided Your opinion is presented, with some connection to research A coherent connection between your opinion and research is not present  
References List of References, written in APA-7 style, offers numerous valid research sources that have been properly cited throughout the paper List of References, written in APA-7 style, offers some valid research sources that have been cited in the paper List of References does not offer valid research sources, or the sources have not been cited throughout the paper  
Writing The paper is well structured with few grammar, spelling, and other writing errors, and is primarily in proper APA-7 writing style The paper is somewhat well structured or has some writing and/or style errors The paper is poorly structured or contains a number of writing and/or style errors  
Total Possible Score: 10  

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