Read Chapters 2, 4 and 10, and prepare comprehensive answers for each of the following questions. Your answers should be no less than 2 pages per question.

You must cite your textbook, but it is a requirement that you enhance your homework assignment with additional research.

Question # 1

List and describe the ” Important Tactics when closing a deal”. (5 points)

Question # 2

List the ten key steps to implement the Negotiation Strategy “The Planning Process” and describe two of them. (5 points)

Question # 3

List and describe the “Three Stages” to managing multiparty negotiations. (5 points)

A reference page with at least two references from the FNU Library (LIRN / Library and Information Resources Network) specifically STATISTA and Pro-Quest, in addition to your textbook are required, you must also reference your in-text.

Your Library: User ID > 24439 Password.>onlinelibrary39

Instructions as to how to access STATISTA (Read Carefully)

Your Assignment requires that you submit at least two references one from your textbook and at least one from the database “STATISTA”

You will be able to access STATISTA database by going to your FNU Library “LIRN” (Access ID> 24439 / Password> onlinelibrary39)

– Once you have signed to LIRN

– Go to your Business section


– Type the topic to be searched (As examples) type: Negotiation Strategies successful ratings and percentages..

– You will get search results for your selection