Literacy Plan Critique


Session 3 Assignment: Literacy Plan Critique


Find your school or district’s  Literacy Plan (all districts were required to submit one to the State Department of Education in 2017). Select an area of literacy instruction that would benefit the teachers in your school. Write a critique of the literacy plan for your school or district based on the ideas from Chapter 5 of Taking Action on Adolescent Literacy, by Irvin, Meltzer, and Dukes (see attached). Be sure to cite at least three references to the resources provided in this session in your response, including the work you’re using to base your critique on.

Follow the steps below to complete this assignment:

  1. Create a new document of your choosing (Word, Google Docs, Open Office – anything that can be saved/exported to PDF format).
  2. Write your critique. Make sure that it is approximately 500 words. Make sure to reference the grading rubric in either the syllabus or below this assignment description to understand word requirement expectations.
  3. Save your critique as a PDF file with the naming convention Critique_FirstNameLastName. If your name is Walter Payton, your document name would be Critique_WalterPayton.
  4. Upload and submit your saved document to the upload interface below.

Points Possible: 30