Literature Review

I would like to have one literature review for about 3000 words. My major is international human resource management and my dissertation topic is what factors contribute to the emergence of the Agency Model in Chinese food delivery industry. Under the Agency Model, agencies are set as bridges of the platform and riders. The platform (like Deliveroo) distributes orders to different agencies and those agencies can recruit their own riders to complete the orders.


Therefore, I want to have two levels of factors in literature review, one is country-level factors and another is industrial factors. For country-level factors, I prefer CIA ( Comparative institutional analysis) and look at the development of this concept (e.g. including Whitely 1999 and Hall & Soskice 2001). Then, focus on the culture systems, political systems and labour systems and link them to Chinese contexts and if possible, link them to Chinese food delivery industry. For industry-level factors, I prefer ‘organizational isomorphism’, which means that looking at the other agency model in China. For example, “There is a possibility that this unique Agency Model evolves and develops through this way as China already has various agency models used in Airline industries before the gig economy”.


Afterwards, looking at Chinese traditional human dispatching companies and if possible, make some comparison.


At last, describe the food delivery industry in the UK like Deliveroo, and make some comparison.