Literature Search Assignment

NUR 300 Literature Search Assignment


Literature Search Written Assignment

• This is a written assignment that requires you to practice the skills gained in the APA formatting modules and the How to Search CINAHL Video. The assignment is worth 50 points





Knowledge of the topic/depth of discussion: 20 points

• Knowledge of the topic/depth of discussion: 20 points

• Paper begins with a brief introduction paragraph describing a patient care issue that you have encountered either in your current practice as a Registered Nurse (RN) or as a nursing student.

• Describes two independent nursing intervention used in caring for your patient.

• Discusses if you believe that the interventions used


Nursing Interventions

• Must be Independent Nursing Interventions. • Autonomous actions that are initiated by the

nurse in response to a nursing diagnosis

• Do not use • Protocols • Collaborative interventions: actions that the nurse

performs in collaboration with other health care professionals and that may require a physician’s order


• Don’t forget to look in your Nursing Diagnosis Handbook



Structure of Paper 10 points

• Make sure you have introduction and conclusion paragraphs. • Your paper should flow from one topic to the next in an

orderly manner.



Quality of references/sources of information: 10 points

Using CINHAL as your database search for one nursing research article published in the last 5 years, in peer reviewed nursing journals, for each of the two interventions described in your paper, that could help you determine what “best practice” is (total of 2 articles). The articles should be aimed at determining if your nursing interventions were appropriate for the patient situation you described. When discussing research minimally include: The aim of the study, what population did the authors look at, what the results are and how are they relevant to your discussion? Download the research articles in CINHAL and submit them with your paper in the appropriate drop box



Discussing Research

• When discussing research, you need to minimally include: The aim of the study, what population did the authors look at, what are the results and how are they relevant to your discussion/nursing intervention



Spelling and grammar: 5 points

Make sure to proofread your paper for spelling and grammar.

When you see something underlined in blue it indicates a spacing or grammatical error. To make the correction click on the word and view the suggested corrections.

Words underlined in red indicate a spelling error.



APA Format

• Review APA policy for RN to BSN Courses. • All sources of information in your paper must be

cited and all citations must have a corresponding reference



Examples of Previous Student Topics

• Pressure Ulcer Prevention

• Pt with COPD

• Pain control (acute and chronic)

• Fall risk

• Indwelling Foley catheter

• Non-compliant patient

• Prevention of ventilator associated pneumonia

• Confused or agitated patient

• First time breastfeeding mother

• Unintentional hypothermia in a post-surgical patient



Literature Search Assignment

• Remember because this assignment is asking you to examine your practice and nursing interventions you would use in caring for a patient you have encountered it will be written in first person.

• It is totally acceptable to write in the first person in an APA Style paper. If you did something, say, “I did it”—there’s no reason to hide your own agency by saying “the author [meaning you] did X” or to convolute things by using the passive “X was done [meaning done by you].” ( me.html)




• Review the syllabus and the grading rubric to make sure you understand what you are being graded on.

• Interventions must be independent nursing functions


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