Logistics and Materials Management: EXAM



Assessment Period: MAIN SESSION 2020 / 2021
Month Examination to be sat:  

Upload to turn it in by Friday 14th May 10am


Module Code: PS2S73
Module Title: Logistics and Materials Management
Duration of Examination (in hours and minutes): 48 hours
Examination paper version number: 1
Suggested Word Count: 1,000 words per answer (+/- 10%)



The following items are provided to Candidates:


·                   Examination answer booklet

·                   Are there any supplementary sheets provided with this examination paper?

·                   If yes, provide details:  ___n/a____________________________



Instructions to Candidates:


·                   Calculators are NOT permitted


·                   English language dictionaries are NOT permitted


·                   This examination paper is a CLOSED  book examination


·                   If OPEN BOOK, literature permitted:  ____n/a_________________________






This paper contains a total of              examination questions over            pages (inc. front sheet)




You are required to answer            questions.






Question 1

Explain the ways in which an efficient warehouse operation can add value to an organisation.


Question 2:

Critically evaluate the importance of effective inventory management with particular reference to the roles of forecasting and inventory classification.

(50 Marks)





Question 3


  • Distinguish between push and pull production systems, identifying the benefits and challenges or drawbacks of each approach.

(20 marks)


  • Critically evaluate the differences between lean and agile concepts, highlighting some of the key principles, advantages and disadvantages of each approach

(30 marks)