Macro- Economics


1. This is a group assignment.

2. Use the case as well as additional research material and present your findings.

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2020/2021- Semester 2


Coronavirus Might tip the Global Economy into a


The following is an excerpt from the captioned article

China is a leading player in the global trade through the production of goods and services. China is also a leader in a global logistics chain of events that allow global business and commerce to occur on time. Many businesses manufacture their goods in China, and countries rely on goods manufactured in China to satisfy many of their demands. From modern medicine to household consumption goods, to cell phones and office equipment, steel, and construction equipment, almost every and anything is made in China.

Since this coronavirus epidemic, countries have become skeptical of purchasing imported goods from China. The virus has led to a decline in Chinese output in some areas but an increase in others. The potential global slipover effects of the virus have led economists to believe that there might be a global recession looming in light of this. Some recessions are driven by supply, while others are driven by demand. Recessions like this might impact production and, therefore, the supply of goods and services, then impact income and demand negatively.

As a result, many countries are reforecasting their growth numbers downwards. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has already forecasted global growth numbers downwards. All this is indicating the possibility of negative economic outturn by the end of the year, if this continues.

Written by: Dr. Andre’ Haughton: Lecturer in the Department of Economics, UWI, Mona Source: The Jamaica Gleaner – March 4, 2020


a) Discuss what is meant by a recession? (2 Marks)

b) What role does the government play in developing fiscal policies? (10 Marks)

c) How can the government use this policy tool to regain economic growth if we enter into a recession? (10 Marks)

d) Outline the different lags that would affect the effectiveness of fiscal policy. (10 Marks)

2020/2021- Semester 2