Manage Business Document Design

Activity 1

  • Identify and report on requirements for information entry, storage, output and quality of document design and production within a professional setting. Your report should be 200-250 words.
  • You have been employed by LMN Pty Ltd to manage its new document design and production program. You have been asked to deliver a presentation to the organisation’s board of directors about how organisational requirements can impact on the creation of appropriate standards used to produce documents. The presentation must include details of the methods you will use to identify relevant organisational requirements.

Develop a 10 minute presentation which you could deliver to the board of directors. Use notes and handouts if appropriate. If possible, deliver your presentation to your trainer. If not, submit the presentation in an agreed format. (and prepare a 10-15 ppt slides)(300-500)

Activity 2

You work for an auditing company. You have been asked to audit a national retail chain. Select one access device and one instance of application software which could be used by the retail chain to produce documents. Create a memo of 100-150 words which you could provide to your manager in which you set out the capabilities and constraints of the device and software. Provide examples where appropriate.

Activity 3

  1. Compile a list of at least 10 types of documents that are used in a professional environment. (30-50 words)
  2. How can you identify the types of documents used and required by an organisation? (100-150 words)

Activity 4

  1. You work in the human resources department of a nationwide retailer. You are responsible for designing business documents within your department.

Select three types of documents which your department will produce. Identify the tasks which will be required to be undertaken to produce those documents. Design a set of procedures which employees should use when producing those documents. Your answer should be approximately 1 page long for each document. (250-300 words)

  1. What should be considered when establishing standards for business documents? (100–120 words)

Activity 5

  1. Obtain three documents. The documents you choose must appear to have been created from a standard template. You could refer to an account from a utilities organisation, letter from a lawyer, advice from an accountant, notice from a government agency, brochure from a local gym, pamphlet from a council etc.

Describe the format of each document.

Provide details of the:

  1. Intended recipient of the document.
  2. Reason for the document.
  3. Information which the document is intended to convey.

Does each document achieve its purpose? Is it appropriate for the audience? Does it convey the required information? Explain why or why not. Dedicate 75-100 words evaluating each document.(225-300)

  1. You work as the manager for a taxi company. You must design a standard letter in which you explain that your organisation will now allow clients to book a taxi over the internet. This service will be free; however, your organisation will now charge a $10 processing fee on all bookings which are made over the telephone.

Design a document which you could use as a standard letter to be sent to your clients who operate e-commerce businesses and another which you could send to your cost conscious retiree clients.(275-300)

Activity 6

  1. You work for a five star international hotel. You are responsible for training junior employees about the appropriate style and layout of documents.

Create a portfolio of at least five documents which you will use to demonstrate what will, and will not, meet organisational requirements. Make sure you provide a description of each document and your assessment of whether or not the document will meet organisational requirements.

The portfolio should include examples of various types of documents of different standards. That is, it must contain documents which do not enhance readability and appearance as well as those which do.(300*5)=1500

2,  Locate a 200 word excerpt from a book or internet page.

Calculate the:

  1. Flesch Reading Ease Score.
  2. Flesch-Kincaid Reading Age.
  3. Gunning fog index.(300 words)

Explain your findings. Based on the readability tests you conducted, assess whether you consider the excerpt contains language which would be suitable for a business document and enhances readability. Submit a copy of the excerpt and your analysis.(300 words)

Activity 7

  1. You are the manager in a Victorian law firm. Yesterday, you asked a junior employee to create a template for a form which will be lodged in the High Court. You asked them to use the template to produce a notice of appearance on behalf of a defendant, Gummininy Pty Ltd ACN 004 320 XXX, who has been sued by a plaintiff by the name of Reginald Blomsberg.

The employee emails you this document:

Form ???          Notice of appearance

(Rules 23.01.3, 31.01.1, 41.04.2 and 42.06.2





B/W:                                  REGINALD BLOMSBERG







The plaintiff Gumininny Pty Ltd ACN 320 004 XXX appears.

The address for service of Gummininy Pty Ltd is 14 Bourke Street, Sydney in the state of Victoria 3000.

Dated: 13 November. 2010


Signed ……………………………………..

Solicitor for the plaintiff/ defendant

Explain the steps you would take to test whether the document is of the appropriate quality. After conducting the testing process to the best of your ability, assess whether or not the document template complies with requirements and is of the appropriate quality. Amend the document if required. Draft an email which you could send to the junior employee to provide feedback on the document they created.(300 words)

  1. Type this text excerpt exactly as it appears:

This text presents a clear and systemmatic introduction to the spoken language. It also provides details of the written language which is suitable for use within business orgnaisations. If you follow the rules and guidelines which are contained within the book, you will be able to communicate properly when doing business in Australia.

This text is desinged both for those studying on their own and for seminar use. The materiel has been thoroughly tested by the writers.

Undertake the following amendments using automatic functions:

  1. Replace references to textwith the word book.
  2. Replace references to writerswith the word authors.
  3. Conduct a spell check and amend as required. (50 words)

Submit a copy of the amended text together with a description of the steps you took to use the automatic functions.(100 words)