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Assignment Details

Use the company and SWOT analysis you selected in Week 1 for this assignment (see attachment).

Congratulations! You’ve been hired as a manager and have been asked to analyze the current status of your new company.

Review your company’s SWOT analysis and other available sources to evaluate the strategic needs of the organization within a changing global environment. Use the Wk 2 Apply Worksheet (see attachment) for your evaluation.

Note: This type of information is often found in the company’s annual report.

Faculty Note

I would like to give you a faculty perspective on the assignment this week. This week the assignment is a SWOT analysis.. Research the company from the text and outside resources. One source you might want to use is the Harvard Business Review that will give you another perspective on structures. Remember to use citations and a reference page when using material from sources. Please read the rubric to make sure you meet all the criteria of the assignment.