Social Media 1


Week 4 Assignment:

Performance Consulting, Persuasive

Communications and Influence

To prepare for this Assignment:


After reviewing;

The quest for employee voice and the role of Appreciative Inquiry by Bunshaft (2018) See Attachment

Appreciative Inquiry and the value of conflict by Laarakker, H., & van Kesteren (2019) See Attachment


Please develop a 3-4 page summary on Appreciate Inquiry and how the AI process can create a positive culture within performance management. Your summary should include;

·  Discuss the AI Framework core components of; Discovery, Dream, Design, Destiny

·  Support your viewpoints on employee motivation factors, both intrinsic and extrinsic, related to the AI framework

·  Identify the potential areas to increase employee engagement, retention, and innovative thinking by using AI

·   Outline two specific examples of how you would resolve conflict by using AI

·   Support your viewpoints on the critical difference between the changes in performance consulting overall from the required reading and a minimum of one outside reference source


· APA format

· Real-life scenarios

· 3-4 pages in length

· No plagiarism