1. Write 600 words on this


Number and title of the chapter – Use the text and the PowerPoints are located in the readings from week

– Pick 5 key points you feel are the most important in each chapter.

– 1) The most important lesson YOU learned from that chapter that you would share with a business colleague explaining your reasoning for choosing that lesson;  and 2) how you would utilize this lesson in your own work/life.

This is the format you should use:

 – Chapter number/ Chapter title  – Key points 1. 2. 3.


5. –  PLUS, the most important lesson learned, explaining why you think so.


Example of acceptable content is shown below for a fictitious class – Note that each key point teaches a lesson

Chapter 1 – Budgeting and Personal Finance (Each key point should be at least one full sentence)

1.       When you do not have enough money at the end of the month, it is better to limit your spending than to lose your precious time by getting a second job.

2.       Paying interest on a purchase increases the cost of the item by as much as double the original price by the time you pay it off.

3.       Interest is money you pay for the right to use someone else’s money to pay for your purchases.

4.       Make sure to include a fourth key point here.

5.       Also, include a fifth one too.

Most important lesson learned: (should be one complete paragraph which is a minimum of three sentences)

I realized that to be financially free I need to create a personal budget to limit my spending and to pay down my credit card debt as soon as possible. I feel that this is an important lesson because my spending has been out of control and I never realized how you are a slave to the lender.  This has taught me a valuable lesson and one in which I plan to share with my own employees/co-workers to better enable them to deal with personal finances and budgeting.  I plan to use this in my own work/life to better…. (elaborate in a couple of sentences or more).