Week 2

Assignment Details- Supply Chain Management – Discussion- 300 or more words (Due 9-4-2020)

This DB has 3 Parts:

You own a small manufacturing company that produces gaskets for the automotive industry. You have traditionally purchased large rolls of rubber (about 40 inches wide) and slit them into 2” strips for use in your die cutting process. You have been approached by a company offering to slit the material for you. Given this information, discuss the following:

1. Discuss why you would or why you would not want to have this company perform this task for you.  Discuss the benefits and drawbacks from each course of action.

2. Would the fact that the other company is from a foreign country affect your decision?

3. What are the potential ethical issues related to transferring domestic labor to a foreign workforce (Offshoring)

Assignment Details- Employment and Labor – Discussion- 300 or more words (Due 9-4-2020)

Please discuss the following in your main post:

· Identify the classes of employees protected by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

· Why was Affirmative Action put into place?

· Do you think Title VII and Affirmative Action are still necessary? Why or why not?