Please answer the following questions in a 500-word minimum double-spaced, TimesNewRoman 12 pt. font.  Word count does not include title or reference pages.  Use APA formatting to cite and list your eText and at least one additional scholarly source for a total of at least 2 references.

  1. Provide the business strategy or a possible business strategy of a local, national or global company.  Explain why the business strategy is important for the company to succeed.
  2. Explain what is meant by the term competitive priority and describe the four categories of competitive priorities discussed in the chapter. Please identify one competitive priority the company identified in question one is using.
  3. Describe the meaning of productivity.  Explain the three types of productivity measures. Describe one type of productivity measure your company identified in question one is using. How is this related to their business strategy, mission or vision?
  4. Describe the three types of technologies. Explain the strategic role of technology?  Please identify which of the three technologies your company identified in question one is using. If it is a product technology, please provide the name of the product.