Module 6 Assignment

Review the assigned CDC (2012) article on the Natural History and Spectrum of Disease (from Principles of epidemiology in public health, 3rd ed.)Now, put yourself in a journalist’s shoes. Your editor asked you to prepare a 1-page Fact Sheet that briefly summarize the history of a disease timeline for your readers. Therefore, pick a specific disease from any of the other assigned readings and explain its 1) associated exposure, 2) clinical effect, and 3) incubation period. Try to be clear and straightforward in your description.

You can use images for improving your Fact Sheet, just respect the 1-page maximum.Visit the CDC’s Fast Facts About CDC for a good example of a Fact Sheet.
Include at least two different in-text reference citations. In-text reference citations e.g., (Author, Date) should be used for attribution when summarizing content (see the guidance provided in the Additional Resources folder on the course home page). A full reference citation is not required for this assignment.