MGT 360: Leadership Writing Assignment

Instruction: Essay Two


Topic: Your Favorite Leader

Please think of your favorite leader (any leader, which may include leaders from the movies, corporate, for profit and non for profit, politics, public life, sports, science, even comic figures, etc. also possible, your boss, your leadership, etc.) and analyze his or her leadership using three different theories out of the theories covered in class.  If you are lacking ideas, there are numerous leadership videos posted to our course website (leadership module) that you may use for inspiration.  Remember, theories are like different pairs of glasses, when you put them on, some may work to “see clearly” and identify the persons’ leadership, while others may not be a good fit (in that situation, or for that person, but they may work on person or another form of leadership).

Please only the theories covered in class or on the lecture slides. Please use three different leadership theories.  Please use those three leadership theories that you feel describe best, what makes your favorite leader a truly great leader.   Provide your essay with a headline or cover page and a short description who the leader is.  Afterwards, structure your essay based on these sections:

1. Theory 1:

2. Theory 2:

3. Theory 3:


Optional “Group/Team” Component:  You may (but do not have to) complete the assignment in groups (typically three to six students) similar than the first essay.  I am not (forced) assigning teams (this option is voluntary; if you wish to work in a team and do not have a team yet, you may email me and I will randomly assign team should I receive more than one such request).  However, if you do decide to work in teams, you MUST do the following:  First, only submit one report per team.  I am not accepting group submissions that have been submitted more than one copy (this differs from the instruction for the first essay).  Second, EVERY team member MUST submit the cover page with all team member names listed, indicating who submitted the assignment.  Failure to do so will result in a “no submission”.

General Advice:

· Please have your submission proofread, or put it aside and read anew a day or two later, especially if you are a non-native speaker. Importantly, there is a writing center at the university available to non-native speakers.  However, plan ahead as they may not always be available the same day.  Having the writing center involved will not lead to additional points and it will not lead to points subtracted.  However, if your assignment is unreadable or difficult to read I will subtract points.  Be aware that, an assignment that I cannot read, I cannot grade.

· Try not to exceed a total of three to four pages for your responses (that is, approximately one page per question). Title page/ Cover page and (potentially, references if used) are NOT included in this page count.  Importantly, use your own words (and do NOT copy off the internet).  If you do “copy” sections, use citations (that may be off the internet) and reference them clearly.  Please put any “quotes” in quotation marks (i.e., “…”) and provide the references in brackets and in a clear reference section.  However, while quotations and references are generally a good thing (especially, if you provide favorite leadership quotes etc.) they are not a requirement.

Generally: The same rules regarding file formatting as for the first essay (only WORD and PDF files are accepted) timeliness of submission (zero tolerance for late submissions, and that includes no ‘updating’ for incomplete assignments after the due date has passed), document formatting (reasonable font size, no more than three-to-four pages plus introduction/references, use headlines and use paragraphs, zero tolerance of plagiarism).  As a reminder: A paragraph is always more than a sentence, but less than a page.  If a paragraph was a sentence we would call it sentence, if it was a page we would call it page.  Importantly, I will subtract points for one-sentence-paragraphs or page-long paragraphs.


Grading policy: Grades will be based 70% on correct application of theory and 30% on grammar and writing.  Please proofread everything carefully.  What I cannot read or understand easily, I cannot grade, and I am not a fan of guessing games either.

Submission policy: Only assignments submitted in due time will be graded.  Please familiarize yourself with the submission process prior to the assignment due date (note that the assignment structure does allow for re-submissions – prior to the due date only of course – so you can go there and try out the process beforehand).  Late submissions will not be accepted.