Management: Individual assignments

1,Major: Management
2,1. Individual assignments (20%)
The aim of this individual assignment is to collect data from the profiles of some companies in the same industry and analyze these data to draw some insights on development of these companies. The following are the instructions to complete this assignment.
        i.        Select an industry
You may select one industry that you are familiar with. For example, you may select the industry of fast food services, electronic products, fashion goods, etc.
      ii.        Select companies in the industry
You select 5 to 10 companies in a particular industry. For example, if you select the industry of sports goods, you may consider Nike, Adidas, Puma, etc.
     iii.        Collect data from the profiles of the selected companies
There are free online databases of company profiles like the following. For each selected company, you collect 10 to 20 data like net revenues, gross income, net income, sales growth percentage, etc. from these online databases.
D&B Hoovers
Fortune Global 500
An example of a part of your collected data.
     iv.        Analyze the collected data
You analyze the collected data of the selected companies with Microsoft Excel. Although you may make your own decisions on what and how to analyze these data, you are highly encouraged to apply what you have learnt from this subject for data analysis including the following tasks:
·         Modifying raw data
·         Calculating mean and variance
·         Creating and analyzing distribution
For example, you may ask whether a company with more employees can earn a higher revenue. You may use the method of linear regression to calculate the relationships between these two variables (i.e. the number of employees and the revenue figures). Then, you may like to find out the whether the company with the highest revenue really has the highest number of employees. You may use the sort
3,The pictures are requirements, too