Manager AssignmentManager Assignment


This week we’ve begun to learn about the role of managers in the entertainment industry. We’ve read about successful managers and what it takes to become one. Successful managers should be creative, informed, and connected. In this project, you’ll identify successful artist managers and analyze what makes them effective.

What You’ll Need

  • Your tech kit including laptop
  • Internet for research
  • At least 3 credible sources (Wikipedia does not count)


Choose two successful artist managers and research them. You may choose them from the list provided (see Artist Managers download below) or select different managers you would prefer to research. If you’re not sure that the individuals you selected are actually successful artist managers, contact your instructor in advance of the due date to verify that your selection is appropriate for this project. Bear in mind, it may be difficult to find sufficient information on managers not on the Artist Managers list.


Create a Word document (at least 3 double-spaced pages for each manager) with a separate section for each manager. Answer the following:

• Who did you choose? Why did you choose them?

• What is their background?

• How did they become an artist manager?

• What artist(s) do they manage?

• Why do you consider them successful artist managers? Provide details or examples.

• What is the management style of each?

• What are their personal traits that contribute to their success? How do these contribute?

• What skills do they have that contribute to their success? How do these contribute?

• How have they contributed to the success of the artist(s) they manage?

• Have they made any mistakes in their career? What were they? How did they overcome the mistakes and learn from them? Do they offer advice for avoiding these mistakes? What is it?

• What did you learn from them that may help you in your career?

Cite resources on a separate reference page.

Incorporate the concepts and terminology learned from this week’s readings into the paper, demonstrating how the managers you chose reflect the concepts learned about in the Lesson activities.


1. Save your work as a PDF document that contains all parts of the assignment.

2. Name your document as follows: LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_Managers