Managerial Economics

Economic recession of 2008

 Complete the list below for each article. The article presented first should be based upon

alphabetical order of the article title.

 Cite the article using the APA style.

 Write a concise summary – in your own words, no copying – of no less than 150 words for each

assigned article that complies with the following:

o    the authority or background of the author, including why we should trust the source of the


o summarize the information presented

o Possible shortcomings or biases of the work

o What you found most interesting in this work.

o Do not use words that relate to you personally such as “I”, others “you”, or reference

your personal opinion

o Remember that these articles have been peer reviewed by others in the field.

publication dates should be in between 2012 to 2020

reference should be peer reviewed

academic journals