Managerial Ethics And Social Responsibility

Report Issue

Read the Case “Businesses Respond to the Movement for School Safety” at the end of Chapter 2 and response to the following:

What was the public issue facing the companies in this case?
Describe the “performance–expectations gap” found in the case. What were the stakeholders’ (community and school students) expectations, and how did they differ from businesses’ performance?
If you applied the strategic radar screens model to this case, which of the eight environments would be most significant, and why?
Apply the issue management process to this case. Which stages of the process can you identify?
In your opinion, did businesses respond appropriately to this issue? Why or why not?
If you had been a manager of one of the airlines or banks discussed in the case, what would you have decided to do (or not do) in the face of emerging public concern about gun violence in schools?