Managing Social Responsibilities And Ethical Issues In A Diverse Workforce



I feel that management and leadership should always care about multiculturalism and diversity within their respective companies. The reason for this is the different experiences that everyone can bring to the table. Their abilities to bring to ideas from their different cultures and perspectives gives the company the ability to spread their influence and increase the bottom line.

My first example of a company that excels in diversity and multiculturalism is Sodexo a food and facilities management company has been recognized as one of the best companies for improved quality of life and Diversity practices. This company has 55% of staff members are women, 58% are on the board of directors. This has led to increase employee engagement by 4% and gross profit increase of 23% and brand image strengthened by 5%. They also have more 570 diverse suppliers owned by Indigenous communities, people with disabilities and veterans. The next one is Johnson & Johnson they have come with creative ways to foster an environment built on diversity. They do this through employee resource groups, mentoring programs and Diversity University a website created to help employees understand the value of working together. The Chief Diversity Officer reports directly to the CEO & Chairman on all diversity issues. For their effort they have received multiple awards.


While other companies have excelled there are a few who have a lot of ground to make up in the multicultural and diversity area. The following companies fall short Facebook lacks diversity in the management, Google is predominantly male with 69% of the company in the US. The list could go on for a while but companies based in the US overall need to do better with diversity within their ranks.


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