market research survey report

PART 1 – SUMMARY In the first part of your report, please summarize your topic, process that you undertook and high-level results. Explain your topic, who did you ask to complete the questionnaire, what was your response rate, and some very high results (i.e. For example, “Based on results obtained, a conclusion might be drawn that the idea X might be feasible if established in Y”. PART 2 – RESULTS In thissection you should briefly summarize yourfindings. First, report on how many participants did you get (only 20 or did you have more?), whether all people fully responded to all questions, what was the overall response rate (i.e. is you sent out 50 questionnaires and got back only 25, your response rate is only 50%). Then report on main findings based on the questions you chose to ask your participants. Please use visualizations (graphs, tables, other visuals) in your report. You will be marked on the data as much as on the presentation and creativity of the report. PART 3 – PRELIMINARY CONCLUSIONS, NEXT STEPS & RECOMMENDATIONS In this part of your report make a preliminary conclusion – based on your results, is it feasible to implement the idea you had? It does not matter whether it is feasible, or not, as long as you report on why you made such conclusion. Also, make some recommendations/suggestions and address limitations of your research. Perhaps you asked only 20 people and that is too little to decide whether a significant idea works? Perhaps you asked only males or females to respond? How could you make this research better and more reliable? APPENDICES: Please do not forget to upload the evidence of your data collection in addition to your report. For example, extract from Survey Monkey (or other tool) with the responses from your participants or scanned copies of your filled questionnaires if you used paper versions.