The Giving Box, a small family business that is used to support their non-profit – Close To My Heart Photography. Please watch the below video that introduces you to their companies and ideas:

Their websites are:

Close To My Heart Photography – Home

Start Your Giving Box – Best Place To Create Personalized Gift Box – thegiving-box

Please make sure you go over the information.

1. Internal Environment
a. What activities exist in the overall marketing plan that can be leveraged for social media marketing? b. What is the corporate culture? Is it supportive of the transparent and decentralized norms of social media?
c. What resources exist that can be directed to social media activities? d. Is the organization already prepared internally for social media activities (in terms of policies and procedures)?

2. External Environment
a. Who are our customers? Are they users of social media?
b. Who are our competitors? What social media activities are they using and how is social media incorporated in their marketing and promotional plans?
c. What are the key trends in the environment (social, cultural, legal and regulatory, political, economic, and technological) that may affect our decisions regarding social media marketing?

3. SWOT Analysis
a. Based on the analysis, what are the key strengths, weaknesses,  opportunities, and threats (SWOT)?

The number of pages:
6-7 pages
Times New Roman
Double Spaced
Put Titles and Subtitles
Be sure to add in charts and different for demonstration
APA citation

See example below