Product: Nikr airforce

Create your Budget

We didn’t choose this as your first step because realistically you can better create the budget for your online marketing campaign when you have a good idea of the costs involved. That can only be done once you’ve figured out your targets.

You probably already have a figure in mind of how much you can really spend, so go back to your marketing campaign sheet and total the costs of all the ad spots you’d like to do. Chances are that total will exceed your overall spending limit.

Action: Review the list and prioritize the ads in terms of where you think you’ll get the most exposure and results that fit within your budget. Always remember, as the ads start to pull in results you can always go back and expand your campaign from that holding list.

If you are engaged in pay-per-click advertising, check in daily for the first week or so and monitor your results to ensure you are paying for results. You can research if the company you are choosing have a pay per click advertising.

All presentations throughout the weeks are going to follow one rubric. Each week, your presentation should address the following elements: a) Organization- how organized is your presentation? b) Content- how did you extrapolate your milestone paper’s take away within your presentation. c) Messaging – what is your message for the specific presentation? d) References- how much information from the outside sources did you provide? Remember the goal is to market your product based on what you’ve learned per milestone. What would you do differently?

Presentation should include all the take away from milestone 2. Also, answer the question of how do the new marketer’s innovate to ensure unique customer experience?