at least 200 words , reference and quote per question

1- Assume you are a manufacturer of small kitchen electrics, like Hamilton Beach or Proctor Silex. You want to determine if some innovative designs with unusual shapes and colors developed for the European market could be successfully marketed in the U.S. market.  Think about getting the primary data for this research through quantitative (i.e., online or mail survey) or qualitative data collection methods (i.e., interview, focus group, observation, etc.) or mixed methods of both (i.e., online survey with telephone interview). Which method would you recommend, and why?

2-  (PRODUCT= NIKE Air Force)From your reading in Chapters 9 and 10, along with your external resources, what are some of the marketing strategies have you found that are specific to your product for lead generation and lead nurturing? Can you provide at least 3 strategies and provide an example related to your specific project.

(ex from the book: The process of lead generation, segment social media channels, Content marketing, SNS, Lead nurturing)