1. Assume you are a manager of a bank branch. Write a list of the implications of intangibility for your firm.

2. Analyze a recent experience that you have had with a service business (for example, a hairdresser, movie theater, car repair, or restaurant) in terms of your expectations and perceptions about each of the five components of service quality.

3. Over 25 years ago, Tim and Nina Zagat began publishing leisure guides containing reviews of restaurants. Today, the renowned Zagat guides still contain reviews of restaurants, but they also rate hotels, entertainment, nightlife, movies, shopping, and even music.

Go to In your opinion, are Zagat survey guides goods or services? Explain your reasoning.

4. Choose a service with which you do a lot of business.

Write a memo to the manager explaining the importance of internal marketing and outlining what factors internal marketing includes.

5. What issues would you have to think about in going global with the new service that you developed in the questions above?

How would you change your marketing mix to address those issues?