Marketing Budget And Financials

ENTR550 – Entrepreneurial Marketing

Week 6 Course Project Assignment

Marketing Budget/Financials

The subject of money has been discussed a number of times. In essence, the overarching questions to consider are the following.

· How will we pay for all of this?

· How do we get started?

This week’s assignment should address the hard facts of your entrepreneurial venture, including the marketing budget. Consider the practical implications of how your entrepreneurial effort will be launched and sustained from a financial perspective.

This assignment should be five to seven pages long, plus the title page and the references page.

Include the following sections to complete your assignment:

Section 1 · Start-up funding
Section 2


· Use of funds
Section 3


· Sales or revenue forecast
Section 5 · Marketing Budget including justification
Section 6 · Estimated valuation after 5 years