Marketing for Financial Services

Module code MKT3322
Module title Marketing for Financial Services
Submission date, time Test 1 is on wk 13 during lecture hour

Test 2 is on wk 17 during lecture hour

Feedback type & date Your answers will be immediately assessed and you will be able to see your marks, and correct answers.
Word count Not applicable
Assignment type A test X 2 (online) including multiple choices and/or short answered questions
Assignment structure, format and details Not applicable
Assessed learning outcome (s) This assessment addresses Learning Outcomes 1-4 as stated in Section 4. Module Overview.
Assessment weighting % 20% x 2 = 40%
Key reading and learning resources For test 1: Ch. 1 and the core textbook, Chs 2-6 & 11: pp17-173 & pp293-308

For test 2: Ch. 1 and the core textbook, Chs 2-9 & 11: p17-263 & pp293-308

Assessment marking criteria rubric (presentation)


Each test contains 60 multiple and/or short answered questions, and is assessed out of 20 marks. Hence,

·        Very well done for those who obtained 16 and above. Keep studying and you will award a distinction for this module.

·        Well done for those students who obtained 14 or 15. It is a very respectable score, but if you try little harder, you can achieve a distinction.

·        Very good effort for those students who obtained 12 or 13. If you are thinking of applying a Master’s course, please maintain this level as minimum.

·        For those who obtained 10-12, you will pass this module if you can manage to keep this level.

·        For those who obtained 9 or below, I strongly recommend you to revise the chapters again. If you need my help, you are very welcome to drop in my office during my office hours.



The following table details the support you will be receiving for this assessment and the feedback opportunities you will have.

Support and draft feedback sessions for Assessment 1
Coursework briefing

The assessment briefing will take place in Wk 1.

Draft feedback opportunities

Online Assessment Clinic/revisions is provided for you to raise any questions or concerns.

Additional support

You will have an opportunity to take a mock test in Wks 6 and 11.