Marketing Man. (Tutorjass)

Discussion Questions:

1. Describe in what sense Netflix’s change in pricing strategy could be seen as a product or service failire and the coping strategies that their customers appear to be utilizing.

2. What factors do you feel contributed to customer’s high levels of anger toward Netlfix’s new pricing policy? How might Netflix have handled this situation better? Explain.

3. Netflix has begun the process of explaing its online video-streaming service globally. According to the case, Netflix already has a strong presence in the Western Hemisphere and is considering expansion into other countries. a. Using Table A and what you’ve learned about cross-cultural marketing and culture variations, explain why Netflix may be interested in expanding into Europe.

b. Which of the Europe countries in Table B would be especially attractive for Netflix to enter? Justify your answer.

c. What consideration should Netflix make when approaching a foreign market?