Marketing Operations Fundamentals


This portion of the GB 214 SU21 Marketing Module exam focuses on MovieKlips, a new company that just launched a new online subscription service this spring.

You are required to (1) read the summary of the company and (2) answer all 6 questions on pages 4. Each correct answer is worth 10 points. 6 correct answers equal 60 points for this portion of the Marketing Module exam.

Company Case Study and Overview

MovieKips (MK) was formed in 2019 by two Bentley alum who had a vision to start a new online subscription service to improve the world of dull, boring presentations by offering the world exclusive use of authentic video clips from generations of Hollywood movies.

The product development process took almost two years to complete and included acquiring the proprietary, exclusive, royalty-free use of classic Hollywood movies from 1940 to 2021. The company raised an unspecified 7-figure amount of capital to build the massive database of movie clips, construct the infrastructure of the online subscription service and invest in the development of a multi-tiered marketing program.

The MovieKips service provides direct access to classic Hollywood movie clips for exclusive use in customized speeches, presentations, classroom lessons, blogs, email campaigns, chats, etc. for company meetings, presentations and academic classrooms.

The new service uses a massive database to access any and every conceivable topic compiled from Hollywood movies starting in 1940 to the present day. As the sole provider of this service, MovieKlips invested substantially so the company’s subscriber base could have exclusive use of these video clips.

Subscribers can purchase the service on an individual basis or as part of an organization (company, higher ed institution, etc.) with several options for usage: one-time use, month-by-month use, or annual subscription. No discounts are offered.

There is currently no direct competition for this new service. MovieKlips is the only company offering this service.

The MK’s marketing material describes the company this way: “MovieKlips 

enables innovative business leaders and inventive academic professionals to customize and improve the impact of their speeches, presentations and lessons – for their employees, stakeholders, clients and students – by embedding entertaining and original Hollywood movie video clips in their messaging.”

Thanks to empirical research data compiled in 2019 of their service, MovieKlips is able to support their advertising claims with real-world evidence that proves that speeches, presentations and teaching lessons that use video clips from Hollywood movies maintain a higher level of audience interest and engagement, above-average message retention and a higher memory recall (aka message “stickiness”.)

MovieKlip’s primary target audience segments are C-level corporate executives and managers in Fortune 500 companies, business consultants in small to large consultancy firms, and teachers and professors in small-to-large public and private colleges and universities (like Bentley), including e-learning institutions (like Phoenix University.) All target segments are based in the U.S.

Once the company achieves critical mass of 100,000 subscriber base, MovieKlips is highly confident that these target audiences will eventually drive significant demand and strong brand loyalty for this service.

The company believes it will achieve brand loyalty when the target audiences:

– become aware of and knowledgeable about the MovieKlips service,

– are motivated to continue to use the service,

– become enthusiastic brand loyalists who promote the service to their peers.

A key element in the company’s promotional mix is their website which provides the company’s value proposition and core messaging, offers tips and advice on searching for and editing video clips from its vast database of movie titles and shares best practices to maximize the storytelling impact of speeches and presentations. The website also includes pricing and a weekly blog dedicated to customer success stories and customer testimonials.

In building the company’s marketing program to launch and promote the new MK’s subscription service, the marketing team identified a list of must-have marketing deliverables that will be the strategic foundation of MK’s first multi-media, integrated marketing campaign: website, database list (purchased list of curated names, titles, companies, contact information, etc.), an email campaign, video promotional material, a blog for customer testimonials, online marketing, social media, and mobile marketing.

Short Answer Questions

Answer all 6 questions. Provide your answers below. Use more space as needed. Each correct answer is worth 10 points. 6 correct answers equal 60 points for this portion of the Marketing Module exam.

1. When starting the company, what dimensions might have been considered by MovieKlips to segment the market? Explain your answer.

2. What is/are the core product offering(s) and the value-add offering(s) of MovieKlips? Explain your answer.

3. In what stage of the Product Life Cycle (PLC) is MovieKlips? Considering the stage of MovieKlips’ PLC, what should their advertising goals be? Explain your answer.

4. What pricing strategy should MovieKlips use? Explain your recommendation.

5. Several key distribution strategies were discussed in the Marketing Module. What distribution strategy is MovieKlips using? Explain your answer.

6. If you were part of the company’s marketing team, what approach would you use to assign an advertising budget for MovieKlips? Explain your answer.