marketing paper

The objective of this project is to deepen students’ understanding of the utility of the consumer behavior concepts discussed in class and to sharpen your appreciation of the difficulties encountered when trying to apply those concepts in a real business context. The paper itself represents an important component of any marketing planning effort. The paper requires each student to develop a well-detailed and supported profile of consumers of some product or service to be selected by the student.
(1) To describe them in terms of demographics and lifestyles, and identify a useful basis (or bases) for segmenting the market
(2) To highlight those factors that affect consumer’s perception of the product consumption
(3) To understand the impact of learning and memory on consumer behavior
(4) To determine how consumers attitudes form and change (persuasive actions by the company)
(5) To explicate the nature of the typical purchase decision process for the product category
You need to choose and answer three of these five questions for your final paper. You can write this analysis for a product category of your own choice. Make sure to mention the questions you choose to answer in your final report.
You are required to submit a 5-page (max) report of your project
Format: Your paper should be double-spaced with 1-inch margins, and you should use 12-point, Times New Roman font. All the sections listed above together should be about 5 pages long. Number your pages. Be sure to also include a reference/bibliography section.