Marketing Plan


The three parts of the overall marketing plan that will be completed this week are Market Research, Demographics, and Competing Forms of Entertainment. Please thoroughly addresses the following components.

Please provide as much market research and demographic/psychographic information as possible on the Charles Town, WV area. Possible items for inclusion could be:

· Age breakdown of area residents

· Population data

· The marital status of area residents

· Educational information on area residents (e.g. high school graduates, college graduates, etc.)

· Religion breakdown of area residents

· Geographic location (e.g. city population versus suburbs)

· Gender breakdown

· Racial composition

· Political views

· Unemployment rate

· Languages spoken

· Income data

· Average disposable income

· Interest in sports

· Competing forms of entertainment are also important to consider. This will vary from city to city and regionally, but could include:

· Local college, high school, or professional sports teams

· Events brought in by the local Chamber of Commerce to stimulate economic development

· Theaters, concerts, etc.

· City, county or state fairs

Please create a PowerPoint presentation covering the areas listed above for presentation to the City Council of Charles Town, WV. Remember, the PowerPoint must be in bullet format and must include a notes section. The notes section should be a summary of the bullet points in your presentation, such that if you were unable to make the presentation, someone else could make the presentation for you by reading what you’ve written in the notes section.

Remember, you will be handing this to the president and board of trustees for review. Be sure to carefully proof your work. Please include a title slide that includes your name and the assignment topic, as well as a reference slide at the end of your PowerPoint presentation which includes a minimum of three (3) scholarly sources. However, since your goal is to have a minimum of ten (10) overall sources for your final marketing plan, sources utilized for this week should be different than those in the Week 2 and Week 3 assignments. Don’t forget that every source should be correctly cited throughout your presentation on the appropriate slide.

Length of this section of your marketing plan: This assignment should be approximately 10-12 PowerPoint Slides (not including title page and references).