Read textbook ( Section 5 Company Spotlight: Magnolia Market.

Answer the following questions about Magnolia Market:

1) What is the store layout?  What are the benefits of this layout?


For #2 and #3 scan or take a picture (.pdf/.img/.jpeg format) of your drawings and submit with your responses to the questions above.  Write your full name on your drawings. Double check all items are submitted.  If you can’t see it.  I can’t see it.   You may submit as many times as needed to ensure it is accepted by Blackboard.

2) Using a blank sheet of paper, draw an inspiration sign that describes one of the Magnolia Market displays in the textbook (minimum half page in size).  It should include large eye-catching words.

3) Using a blank sheet of paper, draw a bird’s eye view/overhead blueprint of a store you have recently visited.  Label major sections of the store (minimum 7).