Marketing Resreach

Watch the videos, then add your own brand stories.  You must do BOTH items

  1. Start a thread with the name of a winning brand and the area of success (e.g., Atari wins on Innovation) OR a losing brand and the area of failure (e.g., Pan Am loses on Customer Engagement).
    • Explain why you believe this brand is winning/losing (in 300 words or less)
    • What are they doing right/wrong?
    • Is this something that has changed or have they always been “good/bad” in this area?
    • Is this a brand that you use now or have used in the past?
      • If so, what do/did you like about it?
      • If not, why have you not used this brand?
    • Has market/marketing research helped them?
      • If so, how has it helped?  You can speak about activities you know or suspect they have done to guide their strategy.
      • If not, how could it help?  Talk about what you might recommend to help them.
    • Would you say that they are more “product-focused” or “consumer-focused”?  Why?
  2. Find an existing thread with the name of a winning/losing brand and area of interest with which you agree and add your comments (as described above) to that discussion.