Marketing Strategy

Each student will be expected to follow the guidelines below and answer the questions presented in the textbook’s Appendix B: Consumer Behavior Audit as applied to developing a Marketing Strategy.   Below is additional information regarding the minimum expectations:

Typewritten, double spaced, minimum 1,200 words.

  1. APA format required. (APA guide is available on wall outside the Academic Resource Center)
  2. Develop a unique marketing strategy from a consumer behavior perspective for a new and improved version of a product or service that you like or create your own product/service. Then select a target market segment for which the marketing strategy will be developed.  If you choose an existing product, be sure to select a market segment that is currently not being targeted.  Follow the Consumer Behavior Audit in Appendix B to develop the marketing strategy.
  3. The Marketing Strategy will include the following sections:
    1. Title page [Title (top), course name, professor’s name (middle), your name, date (bottom)] Does not count toward number of words.
    2. Contents page (sections and page numbers) Does not count toward number of words
    3. Introduction (no more than 250 words)
    4. The Body of the Strategy (see Appendix B – Consumer Behavior Audit)
    5. References – a minimum of 6 reference resources. The paper must use the University Library’s EBSCO Host: Business Source Premier, one professional journal, and internet sites must be properly documented. (Absolutely NO Wikipedia references will be accepted, automatic letter grade reduction for using the textbook or a Wikipedia source).  No more than 250 words total may be directly quoted from sources.