Marriage And Family

Prepare to be able to answer any of the following questions.

1. Define family and identify the basic features that typically are associated with the American family.

2.  Use the Cohen text to write a brief two paragraph synopsis of one chapter 6-12.

3.  Identify and discuss four qualities that are present in successful marriages.

4.  Identify and discuss specific problems that confront dual working married couples.

5.  Family disagreements involving in-law relationships frequently involve the groom’s mother and the daughter-in-law. Use your knowledge of sociology to explain why these problems often occur.

6.  Use the text and lectures to identify the primary issues that frequently precipitate divorce.

7.  Explain current trends regarding ages of the couple at:

marriage, fertility rate, percentage of working mothers, stay at home mothers/fathers, any other statistic you would like to include.

8.  Compose and answer your NON FACT BASED question.  An example of a fact based question is “Which team won the 2020 Super Bowl?”

9.  Discuss the sociological consequences associated with the increased number of cohabiting couples.

10. Futuristic Sociology: Focus on dating and marriage: The year is 2041. What significant changes do you anticipate will have been incorporated into either or both activities?