Masculinity And Femininity

maximum:4 pages

Over the last several weeks, we have learned about various social institutions and mechanisms that seek to promote compliance with dominant norms of gender and sexuality, including masculinity and femininity. For this paper, choose any two mechanisms we have learned about (socialization, victimization, regulation, stigmatization, pathologizing, criminalization, and/or representation) that support the reproduction of our existing hierarchies of gender and sexuality by teaching, policing, punishing, and/or rewarding specific ideas about, and practices of, gender and sexuality. Explain how each mechanism operates and with what effects on individuals, groups, and society as a whole. In your response, be sure to explain/define key terms you are using and to integrate meaningfully at least three course readings assigned since Weeks Five, Six, Seven, or Eight. You are encouraged to include examples or ideas from other course materials, such as lessons or videos, readings from earlier in the quarter, and from your personal experiences, as well. You may include outside materials, but you are not expected to.