Mastery Question

Remember that you must select only one of the following questions for Mastery Question 1:


Would you say that any element of culture is now part of popular culture? If so, how? If not, why not?


Would you agree that popular culture may provide “tools to think with”? Explain.


Your response should be no more than 500 words and should succinctly answer the question posed. This is a “mastery” response. Your response must prove to us how much you have understood and how well you can analyze and apply the course material. This is not an opinion-based assignment or an informal exercise. Consider this assignment as a mini-essay.


Your response should be no more than 500 words and should succinctly answer the question posed. The bibliography and the title (if you have one) do not count in the word count BUT the in-text citations do.


Focus on only a few ideas. Do not try to cover everything from the modules or to be too general. In sum, limit your coverage of the course content BUT this limited course content must be delved into deeply and explained thoroughly. Don’t be superficial in your thinking. That’s why the use of academic sources is so important. Academic sources enable you to go deeper in your argument. Don’t expect to do it on your own: it is impossible since you are not seasoned experts in that field.


In your writing, you have to make clear:



Articulate relationships between specific course concepts and relating this to what you already know or have learned in other courses, etc. E.g., “This reminds me of…” Articulate these links explicitly by means of references/citations (MLA citation style).



Extrapolate to novel situations, going beyond the course content and applying what you know to make new hypotheses or conclusions. This is sometimes called the “so what?” phase of learning. E.g., “Now that I know this, it helps me understand… in a new way.”