Medical Sociology

Report Issue
A) Describe the development of field of epidemiology, including the Bubonic Plague, John Snow’s investigations, and the 4 stages of epidemiology. B) Explain how the level of development of a nation is linked to its predominant diseases. How does the transition from infectious diseases to chronic ailments change epidemiological investigations? Use the examples of heart disease and cancer to illustrate.
COVID 19: View the two videos on Bill Gates and COVID 19, as well as the articles/videos on Smallpox and the 1918 flu. Answer the following questions: A) Explain why pandemics such as COVID 19, the Spanish Flu of 1918, and Smallpox pose(d) serious problems for both epidemiologists and populations. B) What are the primary modes of transmission of COVID 19 around the world and what are the social factors influencing how this disease is spread? C) Where will the COVID 19 pandemic hurt the most?