men in a box challenge

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View each set of questions and write down 1-2 responses for each. These don’t have to be full sentences – words or phrases are fine. Also, write down what comes to o mind quickly.

This is a man – he’s in a box. We’re going to answer the following questions to describe what is inside the man box – what are the boundaries of masculinity?(Forgive my poor drawing skills!)

Man in a Box.png

1) Men are…

Finish the sentence by brainstorming words that describe men’s characteristics.
For example – What does he do for a living? What does he do for fun?

2) Men feel…

Write down feelings that men experience – What emotions does he typically or regularly show?

3) Men do…

Write down actions men engage in and whatever words follow the word men for you.

4) What is outside of the box for these categories – what feelings, actions, activities are not in the box?

5) What are the consequences for men who do not fit the profile you’ve described?

5) Is being “in the box” the only way to be a man? What is possible if men are not ing the box?

5) Now that you’ve answered these questions, look at the original list and activity regarding this exercise from the Good Men Project. (Links to an external site.) How did your or your group’s list compare to the original?

6) Finally, watch the following video –

Guante – "Ten Responses to the Phrase 'Man Up'"

How is the video related to the Act Like a Man activity? What are your reactions to the video?