Mgmt 362 Organizational Behavior.


Our textbook, pages 8 – 11, discusses hard and soft skills that we as employees and/or

employers may be wanting when we are working.  Review this information plus read the article

“Learning as Investing: 7 Skills That Pay Off in Any Job” by Scott Young.

Your Written Activity 1 is to compare and to contrast these two (2) references in a concise two

in around 2 page paper.  The paper will be your view on hard and soft skills needed in the

workplace.  COVID and remote working is a proper consider for this paper also.  Remember

that you are taking a critical look at these references and their relationship to this topic.

Whatever position you take about the topic must be supported in your paper.

I would expect your text and this attachment to be cited and referenced as a minimum in your

written activity.  Other references may be add.