For this assignment you’ll individually deliver via GoReact a brief informative presentation related to
the topic of public speaking and oral communications. The purpose of this assignment is to give you
experience presenting to the class, while augmenting our study of public speaking.
You may select any topic within this broad description, and your material may be drawn from a single
source, such as an article, or from multiple sources. Some examples of topics that would fall within this
definition might include:
• Leading a successful video conference
• Being a productive video participant
• How to overcome fear of public speaking
• How to remember main points of a speech
• How to dress and look professional
• How to use your hands effectively
• Where to find ideas for a speech
• Using PowerPoint effectively
• Remember names of people in your audience
• Types of visual aids, and when to use each
• How to run a successful meeting
• How to project confidence
• How to establish credibility
• Speaking to an international audience
Selecting a unique and interesting topic will enhance your talk. While you are free to be creative in
selecting topics for this paper, please ensure that the information you are presenting is from a credible
source. For instance, while articles from Inc., Forbes, Entrepreneur, or Harvard are probably credible,
information from sites like, or might not be.
Please use the discussion thread provided in Blackboard to reserve your topic and source material, as each
student must present unique information. If you have any question about the appropriateness of your
planned topic, please contact me prior to preparing your talk.
Your presentation will be limited to 5 minutes, not including Q&A, and must incorporate presentation
software such as PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Prezi and must take into account the best practices in
planning, preparing, creating slides, and delivering your presentation as discussed in class and in the
readings. Please ensure that your presentation is engaging, and will keep the audience’s interest.